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With staff of SEO Auckland & Tauranga, our specialists have had the experience of ranking hundreds of Kiwi businesses.


What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is the practice of engaging in the technical and content factors required to build your websites reputation in search engines such as Google and Bing. These search engines mine the internet using complex business rules to discover websites which they consider relevant and authoritative to the keywords entered by users.

The Chalkn’Cheese difference

Here at Chalk n Cheese Digital

we are one of Auckland & Tauranga’s top SEO practitioners and we’ll work with you to improve your website’s relevance and authority, so you can find your way onto those highly sought after first few spots on Google, without having to pay per click. While a lot of SEO companies in Auckland & Tauranga include hidden costs with their SEO services, we take pride in offering transparency while providing you as a white hat SEO offering to get your business ranking for your chosen keywords.

The Chalkn’Cheese difference

We believe

That being a good SEO company Auckland isn’t just about checking the search engine guideline tick boxes using cheesy practices which often end up damaging your rankings in the long run. Delivering relevant content which fulfills a need of potential customers quickly and easily goes arm in arm with search engine friendly websites.

The Chalkn’Cheese difference

With that in mind

We recognise that while SEO is a long-term investment we don’t expect you to wait forever. *That is why if we don’t get you ranked on page 1 for at least 70% of your keywords after 6 months, we will work for free until we get you there!



Guaranteed to rank on page 1 for 70% of your keywords after 6 months, otherwise we will work for free until that happens!
Monthly ranking progress report.
Monthly strategy reviews.
Competitor tracking and reporting.
Flexibility to change keywords, optimising your campaign.
Your own dedicated account manager.

Full Website Audit

We will perform a full audit of your website, including your meta descriptions, Google Places setup and UX Design tips to improve your user experience.

Keyword & Competitor Analysis

To ensure you get the competitive edge over your classmates, we will also analyse your rivals’ campaigns and the keywords they are using and adopt our strategy accordingly.

Google Analytics Tool Implementation

Sure – getting you on the first page of Google is great, but what’s the point unless it’s getting you more visitors! We will track your traffic, so we can find out what is getting you the most leads and adjust our implementation as we go.

Google Webmaster Tools Implementation

We guarantee to fast track your progress within the ever evolving framework set out by search engines providers to ensure you receive sustainable results.

Website Speed Checker

Often missed by SEO practitioners, page load speed do matter! We analyse your website and provide recommendations to ensure your website performing optimally while actively monitoring for refinements as your business continues to evolve.

SEO Copywriting

By now you are starting to see the whole chalkboard and yet strangely most agencies don’t offer this vital service due to its time-consuming nature. However, with our dedicated copywriters, Chalk n Cheese Digital is a SEO company operating in Auckland & Tauranga and we offers professional SEO copywriting that’ll support your business objectives by offering content which satisfies the needs of your potential customers while improving your ranking with search engine providers such as Google through relevancy and authority.

Local & National Keywords

We’re your local SEO company with staff operating in Auckland & Tauranga and we’re not afraid to tackle the hard-to-rank competitive keywords, if we believe they will provide the best results for your business.

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