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We understand context matters. If long term contracts stop fingernails scratching chalkboards then count us in. On the other hand if you prefer to keep your options open then a 30 day cancellation notice should do the trick. Our only consideration is you trial our services for 3 months first to allow us to deliver the leads your hard earned cheddar deserves.

Creative Digital Marketing Agency Operating in Auckland & Tauranga




We live digital every day. While some of our competitors specialise in one service and blame the other guy when things go wrong we as a digital marketing agency manage the journey from pie in the sky to the on-going management of your campaign so you always know who to call.




We believe that a ‘good client’ is not necessarily one that spends more. In an industry where percentage of spend is standard we charge only the hours needed to deliver. That means that we are an Auckland based digital agency with goals which are always aligned with your best interests.

Marketing Campaigns

Conversion Focused

If you are looking for a company to generate leads for your business, then you've landed in the right place. Here at Chalk n Cheese we are an Auckland based strategic lead generation digital marketing company who think of your bottom line when implementing your digital marketing strategy. We consider all possible digital channels when putting together your campaign brief and will even recommend non digital approaches where we find them to be a good fit.

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What we use to build our lead generation engines

Conversion Based Marketing

Here at Chalk n Cheese we are marketers and data enthusiasts which makes us very much results focused. With every campaign that we run we make sure to outline a clear goal and maximise our efforts to reach this goal and create more conversions for our clients. With the tools now available at our disposal in the digital spectrum, there shouldn’t be a reason one should be running a campaign without tracking conversions.


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Just as the blackboard was replaced by the whiteboard, social media has changed the way you communicate with your customers. We understand how business can effectively interweave social media within a wider marketing framework. Our focus lies on generating leads and conversions from Facebook and Instagram Ads.


Google Search, Display Ads & YouTube

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) also known as Google Ads is paid targeted advertising which reaches potential customers in real time using the search terms they enter in Google. Work with our advertising gurus to develop ads which top the results of Google search, YouTube or the Google Display network, and more importantly enhance lead generation by communicating in the tone of your customers.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

While Google Search Ads offers visibility at a cost per click, Search Engine Optimisation is the foundation for showcasing your brand to potential customers in the digital arena. We employ the latest ‘white hat’ industry content to optimise your online content in order to get you to Google’s first page results.


Website Design & Development

Lead generation strategies are the cheese to your websites crackers… without it you may as well leave the cheese on the moon. Whether you are a business start-up or a multinational looking to modernise your existing digital assets we design and develop a unique website which speaks the same language as your audience while supporting your business goals.


Email Marketing

We design and code email templates from the chalk board up. Our team is dedicated to building mobile responsive email campaigns tailored to the needs of your brand. You can trust that our designs will deliver pixel perfect results across an evolving suite of email clients and devices tested using Litmus.


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Always a pleasure working with Chris & Brendon. They actually care about the businesses they work with and bring a fresh and effective approach to the solutions they offer.

Michael & Angela Van Vliet Owner & Operator


Awesome team who understand modern marketing and social media, highly recommended!

Jared Gillard Sales Manager Red Baron Motorcycles


A great team and impeccable product delivery every time!

Jamie Reynolds Owner & Operator

over 15 years experience

Digital Marketing Focused

Our two directors have a combined 15 years experience in the digital marketing space having worked on creative agencies, startup ad agencies and the crm space. They've worked on a variety of clients from some of New Zealand's largest brands to your small and medium sized businesses. Both being very involved in the day to day performance of our accounts, they bring their marketing and business focus perspective to every strategy session. Our current clients are from all over New Zealand including Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch and Wellington. If you're on the look out for a digital marketing company who understand the New Zealand market and will take the time to understand your business, get in touch with us and book a free consultation with one of our two directors.