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Stop the madness with an abandoned checkout cart email strategy.

As business owners, we increasingly find ourselves struggling to stand out from the crowd. We invest in the right mix of ingredients to create the perfect cheese fondue for all our customers to enjoy only for them to abandon their online shopping cart at the last moment, leaving the fondue to spoil.

All that marketing effort to drive customers to our eCommerce website goes to waste if it doesn’t convert into sales. According to the Baymard Institute feelings of abandonment is a shared pain for most business owners with an average of 69.89% of online carts being abandoned. This means a lot of your marketing budget is going to waste, even though you may be successfully attracting the right clientele for your business.

No crackers Gromit, We’ve Forgotten The Crackers!

The first question which springs to mind is WHY are so many customers loading up their carts only to disappear into the ether?


The age of Webrooming

Webrooming is the consumer practice of researching for product information online including features, price and ratings before purchasing them in a physical store.

  • Allows customers to compare prices especially the comparison between online and physical stores.
  • Allows customers to research the features of the product and compare against competitor options to find the right product for their needs.
  • Allows for easier returns and warranty claims.
  • Try before you buy.
  • No shipping cost.
  • Instant gratification.

The age of Choice

In the era of constant connectivity, we are devoted to our smartphones, computers and tablets like never before. In theory, this is great news for ecommerce websites however on the flipside, customers have access to an unprecedented plethora of entertainment, information overload and excess choice.

This can lead to choice paralysis as potential customers become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of product information and options available. When they finally overcome ‘analysis paralysis’ and finally make a decision they often feel regret.

Houston we have a problem

Sometimes the problem can be as simply as a website crash or website time out which can stop a customer from completing a purchase. In fact, Statista reported 24% abandoning a purchase because the website crashed.

Website User Experience Design

Before even looking into a cart checkout abandonment email strategy, it would be wise to review your purchasing funnel to analyse at which step in the journey customers are dropping off. As they say the best cure is prevention!


we use a program called Hot Jar to track customers mouse movements, analyse conversion funnels and understand how users interact with your website with heat maps. This allows you to understand potential problem areas in your customer purchase journey. For Instance a survey conducted by Statistia found that 56% of shoppers left without paying after being presented with an unexpected cost ie shipping costs, service fees or GST.

How does an abandoned cart email strategy fit into this? It should be noted that combating the challenges described above is part of a wider digital marketing strategy. With that out of the way, wouldn’t it be great to have the opportunity to talk with these lost customers and potentially change their mind?

Take for instance

An abandoned cart we recently set up for our client Screaming Reels. We used a combination of humour and a 10% discount sent 6 hours after the cart was dropped.

So far the results have been fantastic with a 55% open rate and a stellar 22% recovery rate! Obviously as the number of emails sent over time increases we expect these numbers to come back down to earth a little but needless to say this campaign has already paid for itself!

In conclusion, while the challenges facing online shops today demand a comprehensive strategy, adding a checkout abandonment email is a step in the right direction.

Remember you are leaving cheese on the table without one!

At Chalk n Cheese we specialise in understanding your businesses unique position and developing a custom marketing strategy mix that helps cut through the cheese and grow your bottom line.