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What is Conversion Based Optimisation and why is it a must do when running your AdWords campaign?

Conversion based optimisation is the process of utilising AdWords data to make continuous adjustments to a campaign with the overall goal of achieving a better cost per acquisition. Whether you’re running a services business or a retail shop there are fundamental conversion points to be tracked to better determine what return on investment your AdWords Ad spend is providing you. From there, you can:

  • Determine which keywords provide you with the best conversions
  • Create ads around those keywords
  • Adjust your landing pages to increase conversions
  • Keep testing new keywords on a continuous basis.

The Background

After seeing a gap in the marketplace for small plastering jobs. Our client approached us about creating a new brand and marketing strategy to service this need.

The Approach

After conducting market research to better understand what the customer was searching for, we developed a list of the most frequent key themes including “wall repair” and “plaster repair”. This allowed us to set up their website with dedicated pages to target these key phrases.


The Results


  • The Ads appeared 1,673 times
  • The Ads were clicked 142 times
  • The Ads produced 22 leads
  • 19.47% of the clicks converted into leads
  • Each lead cost $16.25

We Kept Improving!

Unlike traditional methods of advertising, the launch of a digital ad is only the beginning of the journey. We looked at what the data was telling us then implemented key adjustments to improve the performance of the campaigns key objectives: generate more leads and reduce the cost per lead.

Here’s a few of the basic things we looked at:

  • We determined their best converting keywords
  • We created campaigns specifically for those keywords
  • We created new landing pages for the keywords
  • We implemented on-page SEO changes to each page to increase the Google quality score
  • We changed their bidding strategy to “Maximise Conversions” which is an available Google feature that will adjust small aspects to achieve better conversion ratios.

Here’s What The New & Improved Results Looked Like


  • The Ads appeared 1759 times
  • The Ads were clicked 158 times
  • The Ads produced 73 leads (332% increase)
  • 42.20% of the clicks converted into leads (217% increase)
  • Each lead cost $8.40

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