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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - lead generation

Social Media Marketing

End to End Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Asset design, campaign tracking, landing page development, marketing automation and more...

Based in Auckland and with clients across Tauranga, Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and Nelson to name a few, we are a bunch of Kiwi digital marketers who operate New Zealand wide to help Kiwi businesses generate leads from their Social Media campaigns. You understand your customers and have an idea in mind which you don't quite know how to execute, talk to one of our strategists today about how to chalk those ideas into results.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook & Instagram Ads

In today’s social media marketing savvy society, most businesses have come to understand that they need to invest in social media marketing to keep up with the competition, but few know how to talk the cheese with potential customers using Facebook Marketing to run successful Ad campaigns. Here at Chalk N Cheese Digital, our Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest marketing experts live social everyday and know how to balance new ideas with proven concepts.

Conversion Campaign

Find more customers based on the persona painted by previous conversion data

Although this cannot be run at the start of a campaign, this is what any inquiry focused campaign is focused towards. Once we've generated enough lead data this campaign type will not only lead potential customers to your website, but also convince them to follow through with an action when they get there.

Messenger Campaigns

Engage and build trust with your audience

From lead generation to brand engagement, messenger campaign have come a long way on with Facebook now offering a lead generation bot where you automate the process of collection data from users.

Lead Generation Campaign

Build your database and audiences

We often use this campaign type as a way to build databases for custom audiences or for email marketing campaigns, although have used it in the past to generate qualified leads for our client right off the start. The function where Facebook allows us to automatically pull the user details make this handy for volume without any load speed issues that landing pages may cause.

Events, Likes & Engagement

Brand engagement trumps branding

No matter how many times someone sees your brand, if they do not engage with it then they are never likely to become a customer. We often utilise this campaign type as a step in our well mapped out marketing funnel to serve our end goal of generating leads or sales.

Thru Play & Video Views Campaigns

Find your audience by finding users interested in your video

We find that a user will typically need to be exposed to a brand a minimum of 3 times before taking action. We will often utilise the Thru Play method as a top of the funnel Facebook ads approach to turn potential interested parties into an inquiry.

Remarketing Campaigns

Key to any successful Facebook ads strategy

From video to sign up to purchase or from post engagement to page browse to discount code, whatever the sequence might be, remarketing ads are key to generating the cheapest cost per conversion a campaign can have.

Management Skills

Your Business Deserves This

Core Values

Why choose us?


We understand context matters. If long term contracts stop fingernails scratching chalkboards then count us in. On the other hand if you prefer to keep your options open then a 30 day cancellation notice should do the trick. Our only consideration is you trial our services for 3 months first to allow us to deliver the leads your hard earned cheddar deserves.


We live digital every day. While some of our competitors specialise in one service and blame the other guy when things go wrong we as a digital marketing agency manage the journey from pie in the sky to the on-going management of your campaign so you always know who to call.


We believe that a ‘good client’ is not necessarily one that spends more. In an industry where percentage of spend is standard we charge only the hours needed to deliver. That means that we are an Auckland based digital agency with goals which are always aligned with your best interests.


A lot of our client’s have chosen us because our team is comprised of experts in various fields of digital therefore you only require one central point of contact for all your digital marketing needs whether this be Google Ads, Social Media, Web Design or Email Marketing. If it’s digital marketing we likely do it or know someone who does it well. Working across multiple channels mean that we are not biased towards one and find the right one for your business, plus we also do this cool multi channel ad strategy approach where your ads will work together to achieve one single goal.



Always a pleasure working with Chris & Brendon. They actually care about the businesses they work with and bring a fresh and effective approach to the solutions they offer.

Michael & Angela Van Vliet Owner & Operator


Awesome team who understand modern marketing and social media, highly recommended!

Jared Gillard Sales Manager Red Baron Motorcycles


A great team and impeccable product delivery every time!

Jamie Reynolds Owner & Operator


Talk to us about your next campaign!

Here at Chalk n' Cheese we specialise in tailoring campaigns to support your business goals within the wider marketing framework and will work closely with you each step of the process from concept to post campaign analysis to create a powerful social media marketing campaign that will generate results. Whether those goals are to grow your audience and get people to follow and like your business. Drive visits to your online store leveraging the channel potential customers feel comfortable being communicated in. Provide the ideal format for offering value to your audience through offers/promotions. Capture leads to increase your customer database using targeted ads that put your brand in front of your key customer profile groups. Generate ROI positive sales directly from your Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest campaigns. Enhance your marketing strategy by tapping into what Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn knows about your customers to personalise your message and solve their needs.