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What is a Facebook Lead Generation ad?

Facebook’s lead generation ad functionality is one of Facebook’s latest most effective forms of gathering leads from potential buyers. We’ve found that with the correct hook and targeting options a lead generation ad can be a very cost effective way to build a database. We have run many successful lead generation focused campaigns using this tool and have seen a great ROI for our clients.

The Background

It’s no secret that New Zealand has a shortage of houses and a growing population. Building companies are being formed everyday to cater to this need for new housing. With the literal hundreds of new home building companies that are currently operating in New Zealand we were tasked to come up with a new campaign to disrupt the digital space and the generate leads for an affordable range specific new home builder company.

The Approach

We took a step back to really understand their brand, we spent time researching what was happening in the industry to find that golden hook for our target audience. We started with defining their audience and digging deeper into what they would be feeling. We then looked at what our new home builder’s competitors were doing. Taking the end goal of generating leads into account we then looked back at our target audience to determine which marketing channels would be the best fit to communicate with them.

The Execution

“Average Auckland home value soars above $1 million for first time” so says the online news source Stuff! In an effort to disrupt the market we decided to leverage this noise about housing being unaffordable by showing Aucklanders there are houses for sale in Auckland at an affordable price. We wanted to show & tell our audience that it is indeed possible to buy a house in Auckland if you utilise all the resources available to you and look in the right places. New home buyers are eligible to get up to $20,000 worth of government grants towards their first home purchase as long they purchase a property for under $650,000. If that purchase is for a brand new home they’ll only need to come up with a 10% deposit. With the first home buyers grant in place combined with their Kiwisaver savings, getting on the property ladder could be a lot more achievable than they think.

The Result



The Ad Appeared
37,957 times


The Ad Reached
17,824 people


The Ad was clicked
347 times

We Didn’t Stop There!

The numbers had shown that there was clearly an appetite for Kiwis trying to get on the property ladder. The issue that we came across was that a great portion of those people weren’t close to being able to qualify for a mortgage or weren’t even aware of the necessary requirements. We kept working closely with the client, who in turn got a loan specialist involved to devise a series of questions such as; combined salary, years in Kiwisaver, savings amount & more so that we could further qualify the leads.




The Ad Generated
198 leads


From Those Leads
62 filled the finance forms


Out of the form fills
35 people stated earnings over $100K

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