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What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an advertising system where keywords are auctioned to competing advertisers with their linked ads appearing in Google’s search results. Google charges on a cost per click with rates being determined based on the competitions’ bid and a Quality Score system they have in place. Speaking of Quality Score, this is based on the relevancy of your ad text and also the content on your web page. The better your Quality Score the cheaper your ads will cost and the more money you save while ranking better than your competition.

The Chalkn’Cheese difference

This is where we step in to help separate your ads like Chalk n Cheese from your competition.

We put you in the spotlight for quality customers leads Just-In-Time for you to solve a potential customer’s problem. Our Auckland Google Adwords experts will get you on the front page of Google within minutes, by allowing you to enter a bidding auction for keywords we jointly agree are relevant to your business. Depending on the competitivity of a particular keyword we have found Adwords to be an effective marketing channel for most businesses. Don’t worry we will analyse your industry and determine the effectiveness of this approach before recommending the strategy. When it comes to return on investment and immediate results, you quite simply can’t go past our Adwords package.

Business Analysis

We believe in taking the time to truly understand your business, your target audience, your customer’s needs and your business goals.

Campaign Schedule

We will plan and create your ad campaign, copy and keywords, working with you each step before going live.

Advanced Tracking

With our tracking system setup on your website, you can track all your phone and online leads, ensuring that your budget is being spent in all the right places, optimising your return.

UX Website Recommendations

We will complete an assessment on your landing pages, making sure that your website is optimised to convert any visitors into customers.

Lead Quality Check

Monthly strategy reviews and lead quality assessments.

Live Reporting

We provide you with access to Google Analytics, your Google Adwords campaign and our Call Tracking portal, so you have access to all the tools for tracking your campaign results in real time.

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