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The old approach of mass communication used by a lot of marketing companies & advertising agencies in Auckland where blasting impersonalised content at an unspecified target audience is no longer adequate to compete in the market place. More than consumer expectations demanding personalised content competitors locally and in the global market are employing data driven marketing strategies which target consumers with content that satisfies a need or solves a problem for them just-in-time.

Consumers typically disdain advertising until the right message is delivered via the channel they most identify with in a timely moment.

The Chalkn’Cheese difference

We bring the right mix of the latest marketing tools and develop an integrated marketing strategy from concept to post campaign analysis. Sample the right blend of flavours with confidence knowing that we handle the full campaign in house and are accountable for delivering your marketing campaign on time without the diffusion of responsibility most advertising agencies Auckland use to redirect any missteps behind.

Blackboard Checklist

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When it comes to your brand, a consistent message is key. We make sure your brand is showcased across all channels with an integrated message which builds through the Customer Purchase Journey: Brand awareness > Consideration > Purchase > Retention > Advocacy

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Ensure that you utilise the best available marketing channels for your business in order to achieve your goals. Even though we specialise in digital advertising, our team has experience integrating most marketing channels in the service of your audience and goals.

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Customise your execution to fit the different environments in which your brand will be showcased.

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As we are composed of marketing enthusiast with experience working with some of the best and biggest marketing agencies in Auckland. We understand the bigger picture though managing everything from concept to assets, to execution and reporting. The big picture is built from experience delivering each stage of the campaign and you should expect the same level of service for your business.

Show me the cheese

We understand you.

Before we formulate our strategic recommendations we like to take the time to understand your business, your goals and your customers.

We work closely with you.

We might have over 20 years marketing experience between us, but we believe that there is nobody who knows your industry better than you. That is why we will dedicate time to work with you, combining your expertise with our knowledge to form the most relevant marketing strategy.

We take responsibility.

We are not a company who only specialises in either design or execution – we take pride in successfully implementing both. If we don’t think the campaign will work, we will not take your money!

We work towards a goal.

Our goal is to build a long term relationship with your customers and that philosophy permeates throughout our relationship with you. We like to start small while developing trust with you and your customer base. As our relationship grows so does your bottom line as we build towards your sustainable success.

We play well with others.

We have experience working with other agencies or media companies to achieve results for you including project lead. We take our responsibility to you seriously and will make sure the project is delivered on time and to specification.

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