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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) also known as Google Adwords is paid targeted advertising which reaches potential customers in real time using the search terms they enter in Google. Work with our advertising gurus to develop ads which top the results of Google search and more importantly enhance lead generation by communicating in the tone of your customers.

While Adwords offers visibility at a price per click SEO is the foundation for showcasing your brand to potential customers in the digital arena. We employ the latest ‘white hat’ industry content to optimise your online content in order to improve your positioning on the organic listings for search results.

Lead generation strategies are the cheese to your websites crackers… without it you may as well leave the cheese on the moon. Whether you are a business start-up or a multinational looking to modernise your existing digital assets we design and develop a unique website which speaks the same language as your audience while supporting your business goals.

We design and code email templates from the chalk board up. Our team is dedicated to building mobile responsive email campaigns tailored to the needs of your brand. You can trust that our designs will deliver pixel perfect results across an evolving suite of email clients and devices tested using Litmus.

Just as the blackboard was replaced by the whiteboard social media has changed the way you communicate with your customers. We understand how business can effectively interweave social media within a wider marketing framework. Communicate with your customers leveraging the channels they feel comfortable using.

Join the digital revolution as you work with our strategy think tank to align your current business model with a data driven strategy which separates you from your competitors and generates sales leads for your business.

roudly Kiwi owned and operated, we pride ourselves on delivering first class web hosting and email service in Auckland. When you use Chalk n Cheese Digital for your web hosting services, you can rest assured knowing that you are in Auckland’s local hands.

Take advantage of this uniquely digestible medium for connecting with your audience. Video advertising is fast approaching traditional TV advertising reach with the consistent migration towards on demand mobile technology.

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