We design, build and refresh websites that help put a cheesy smile on your customers faces.

As an Auckland based website design agency we believe that good web design is more than a visual expression of your brand and has a significant impact on your ability to convert a lead. Influencing the customer purchase journey is only as strong as the value proposition and if potential customers can’t seamlessly find what they’re looking for while navigating your site your sales conversations numbers will always be poor.

That is where our web design Auckland based experts come in – blending bread and butter to deliver you the ultimate lead conversion website.

The Chalkn’Cheese difference

Here at Chalk N Cheese we have built our own suite of templates which chalk the checkboxes of good website design and are ready to be personalised to encapsulate your brand with the help of our dedicated team.

The Four Key Pillars of a Great Website

1: Account Manager/Strategist

To understand and take action towards achieving your business’ goals.

2: UX Designer

To design your website with a purpose in mind.

3: Copywriter

To create convincing content that reflects your brand identity while converting leads into customers.

4: Developer

To incorporate all the website elements into a cohesive vision.

Bread and Butter Website Platter

Web Design Auckland
Platter options
  • – Hosting.
  • – Domain.
  • – Brand Logo.
  • – Letterhead.
  • – Brand Fonts.
  • – Starter Website.
  • – Mobile Responsive Design.
  • – On page SEO.
  • – Facebook Page setup.
  • – Email enquiry address.
  • – AdWords.
  • – Google Maps Integration.
  • – Image Storage.
  • – Facebook Ad.
  • – Enquiry Form.
  • – Click to Call.
  • – Testimonial page including monthly admin cost for content arbitration.
  • – Website Updates including product launches, copy update etc.
  • – Ecommerce Store through popular providers such as Shopify.
Web Design Auckland

Cheese and Wine Custom Website Platter

Website Design Auckland

Our custom website option provides a fully customised web design experience tailored to your requirements. As a bespoke solution please contact us to discuss to discuss.

Templates vs. Custom – What’s the Difference?

Most websites you come across online are templates and that isn’t a bad thing as unless you’re building a platform such as TradeMe, Ebay or Amazon, there really isn’t any significant benefit to choosing a fully customised website. While there is never a bad time for bread and butter there is such a thing as bad template web design.

Whether Bread and Butter or Cheese and Wine is your preference – Our platters Contain these key ingredients


40% of all web traffic is now conducted through a mobile device. That’s why it is crucial to ensure that your website is mobile responsive whether the user is visiting your website via desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Here at Chalk N Cheese our website design Auckland based team follow a mobile first design philosophy to ensure your brand is always looking it’s best.

Professionally Written

Our copywriter team will ensure that your customers are able to easily identify their value proposition.

Designed to Perform

Our expert web designers will make sure that every web design and image on your website supports your business goals and supports your customer’s decision journey through intuitive website navigation.

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